Last updated Apr. 8, 2018
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Peterborough Scottish Country Dance Society
Ceilidh Night Dance, Apr. 20th, 2018, 7:30 p.m.
St. John's Anglican Church Hall

Welcome to the Dance 4x32 bar Jig, round the room, cpl facing cpl Let's All Dance
The Cumberland Reel 4x32 bar Reel, 4/5C long set RSCDS Bk. 1
The Ferryboat 4x32 bar Reel, circle dance with ptnr Let's All Dance
Happy to Meet 8x32 bar Jig, 4C long set Iain Boyd
Lady Auckland's Reel 6x32 bar Strathspey, 2C/3C long set RSCDS Bk. 18
The Dashing White Sergeant 4x32 bar Reel, round the room, 3 facing 3 RSCDS Bk. 3
The Marmalade Sandwich

4x48 bar Reel, 4C long set

Badger's Set


Waltz Country Dance 4x40 bar Waltz, round the room, cpl facing cpl RSCDS Bk. 4
The Borrowdale Exchange 3x32 bar Reel, circular set, round the room Carnforth
The Flying Scotsman 8x32 bar Jig, 3C long set Let's All Dance
St. John River 4x32 bar Strathspey, 4C long set Centennial Coll.
The Rothsay Rant
4x32 bar Jig, 4C square set
Domino 5
5x32 bar Reel, 5 dancers in square set
The Deil Amang the Tailors

8x32 bar Reel 4C long set

RSCDS Bk. 14

Waltz to End Evening

Download the briefings in .pdf format
For those members who are "in the market" for dance shoes, you can contact Lyndsay Nagy,
(705) 742-4888), who managed the now-closed "Elite Performance Wear" shop here in Peterborough.
She has a limited stock available but you just might find the pair you are looking for at the right price.