Last updated Apr. 28, 2018
A list of neighbouring R.S.C.D.S Affiliates
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Ardbrae Dancers of Ottawa

Secretary: Elaine Hoag
138 Whitestone Dr., Ottawa, ON,
K2C 4C8
Phone: (613) 729-6198

Belleville Scottish Country Dance

Secretary: Dr. William Cunningham
296 Old Orchard Rd., Carrying Place,
Belleville, ON, K0K 1L0

Phone: (613) 965-4212

Blair Scottish Country Dancers

Secretary: Carol Ayres
P.O. Box 28029, Preston Postal Outlet, Cambridge, ON, N3H 5N4

Phone: (519) 653-6102

Brockville Scottish Country

Secretary: Robert Taylor
23 Massey Place, Brockville, ON, K6V 3L1

Phone: (613) 342-2421

Caledonian Scottish Country
Dancers of Stratford

Secretary: Helen Parson
3265 Erbs Rd., Baden, ON, N3A 3M6

Phone: (519) 634-8537

Hamilton-White Cockade
Social & Dance Group

Secretary: Maureen Wilcox
340 Concession St., Apt. 603, Hamilton,
ON, L9A 1B6

Phone: (905) 389-8941

Highlands of Durham Scottish
Country Dancers

Secretary: Marjorie Mason
3520 Durham Rd., R.R.#4, Uxbridge, ON,
L9P 1R4

Phone: (905) 985-6573

Oakville Scottish Country
Dance Group

Secretary: Brenda Chisholm
235 Trafalgar Rd., Oakville, ON, L6J 3H1

Phone: (905) 842-5385

Orangeville Scottish Country

Secretary: Ed Elliotson
3 Millview Ct., R.R.#1, Caledon East, ON
L0N 1E0

Phone: (519) 941-2134

Prince Edward County Scottish
Country Dancers

Secretary: Sheila Keller
R.R.#1, Bloomfield, ON, K0K 1G0

Phone: (613) 393-2955

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